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Oxford Farming Conference 2012

This week I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Oxford Farming Conference, along with George Dunn. The OFC’s mission is to inform, challenge and inspire. It certainly had that effect on me! The conference began with three fringe meetings and the one that I joined was the launch of The Land Partnerships Handbook […]

Happy Christmas

It’s 6 months since my last blog and I’ve been reminded that I’m not a natural blogger! So what has been happening since May? On the farm we have had a pretty good summer, with crop yields and quality considerably better than feared during the dry spring. The winter barleys did mature a little prematurely, […]

This is the ex National Chairman

This is the ex National Chairman’s terminal blog! The TFA have come a long way very quickly over the last three years. I remember thinking that three years was a long term, it has not seemed so. It has been both an honour and a pleasure to be the TFA National Chairman. This has been […]

Merry Christmas

It has been a few weeks since my last blog and it is nearly Christmas.  The ground is solid, we have land to plough, but the plough won’t even penetrate.  We have sugar beet in the ground like so many others, and I fear that if it thaws we will lose it.  We have been […]

It’s been a busy few weeks

All cereals are hopefully gathered in.  What an August!   More rain than the rest of the year and an increase in wheat price of 50%.  I like many others started my sales at £100.  Luckily as a seed grower I have some to sell at the higher price.  One of the compensations of being a […]

Apologies for being a bit lax on the blogging front.

I have been a bit lax of late in keeping up my blog.  Apologies.  A great deal has happened since my last entry.  Most important of which was that myself George and Stephen met the new team at Defra.  It was reassuring that they were all up to speed and we got straight on with […]

My experiences with Sheep EID

I thought it might be useful to record my experiences now that we have EID for sheep.  I have always tagged lambs at birth for various reasons.  I have always used small Ketchum curlocks with flock number and within flock ID on each tag.  You could count the lost tags on one hand.  Once done […]

LAMMA has been and gone

It’s the end of January already!  The LAMMA show is over.  The TFA were in a new venue (hall 8), the show is now 20% bigger and with good weather, many people spent the time outside studying the shiny paintwork.  We did have a good show, but numbers on the stand were down.  Nevertheless, it […]

A Snowy Oxford Farming Conference 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!  I must have been at the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC).  It was pretty deep (the snow) and the second day attendance was thinned because of it.  I do hope even though it must affect you, that it is not causing you too much hardship or financial loss.  We are at […]

Happy New Year!

Snow, snow, more snow and frost!  Feeding and watering stock is a chore but quite pleasurable and rewarding.  Sheeting beet clamps not so, but at least there is little wind.  Spuds are all snug in the store, sadly I cannot see the weather lifting the trade and this is the case with wheat as well.  […]


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